Email Header Investigation – Process to Unfold Mysteries of Email Crime

Repair Email Header to get Stronger Evidence

Email spoofing, email bombing, email threatening and many more factors over there are added into list of unwanted actions seen by various computer users. Threatening email users via header destruction is also very common cause due to which cyber crime investigation became the crucial need. Email header investigation is the most appealing way to find out culprit behind email hacking and destruction. Various forensic search software applications are nowadays available into international market. Ours is one of the excellent solutions for examining email headers as well as it offers more view of emails for proper examination.


Forensic Investigation Of Emails – Not Completed Until Header Examination Winds Up

With email headers, you can get complete information from where and which resource the email is sent. Including three paragraphs it contains all the crucial information with which one can get complete information about IP address from where the message was released. You can find out the ISP domain of the sender using the provided IP of emails and this way examining email headers is really helpful to perform uninterrupted email header investigation. You can also get SMTP id while you are examining emails via headers as well as X-mailer tag within a header makes you confident about with which email client the email was sent to you.

How Our Software Helps To Perform Email Data Investigation?

With our email examination software you can properly examine the email and no email data loss will happen while using our technically integrated email analyzer. With email analyzer free version, you can get complete idea about email examination process. The first step with our software for email validation is email search then, you will have to check emails with specific view (HTML, Hex, Normal, Header, Property, Attachments and MIME). The last step with which you can forward emails for further examination is extraction of emails as evidences.

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Try Email Header Investigation Software – Before Purchase

Before investing in product it is highly recommended to our user to try the free version of this forensic search software. This confirms your requirement. With the trial version users are entitled to use this product free for 30 days. One more facility of export email is it is free for 50 emails. Our free service allow user in examining email headers, searching mail, recovering e mail from corruption, conversion into other file type absolutely free.